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Recent Projects

Wallingford Baptist Church
The design brief:
  • Being welcoming to all
  • Dispelling negative images of Christians as boring, judgmental or killjoys
  • Showing how the church is a community and family
  • Vibe: Friendly, warm, welcoming and vibrant
  • Fit in with the CMS they had already signed up too

The design was based around the words warm and welcoming and straight away we went into colour brain storming trying out different colour groups. We settled on the yellow and browns you see in the final design. When they saw the design they felt that it worked really well.

Guest House
We have completed the design and build for the German Guest house - Pension Williams. The websites aim is to promote the new hotel located in Seebach, Germany to the German and English, so the site has two translations, English and German (

We have used a large part of the page to show images of the hotel and location as these are what really sells the hotel and keeps people on the site. To do this we built a flash file that rotates through the images with a transitional effect that's in keeping with the design of the site.The site is built with CSS and meets W3C Web standards, which has helped it jump straight into number one positions on Google for two of its key phrases.

Thames Travel
We were very pleased to have a large, challenging website as our first project. The design was created from scratch, including colour pallet, style and site structure .We also implemented many new features the company felt were needed.

We have used the green, blue and the curved line theme from the decor on the buses to create the design of the website. We hope this will strengthen the corporate identity and recognition of the company.

Wallingford Baptist Church

Pension Williams Pages

Design preview of Thames Travel site

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